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Everyone needs a sacred space in which to live creatively

Everyone needs a sacred space in which to live creatively

Tennille Joy is one of Australia’s leading interior designers, with a career spanning more than 25 years. A third-generation interior designer, Tennille was inspired by watching her mother create considered and beautiful spaces. As a child, Tennille luxuriated in the aromas of the family furniture store and in the textures of textiles in her mother’s decorating store. Honouring the integrity of a design piece is a family tradition.

Tennille has worked extensively in the UK where she was an interior decorator for Osborne & Little, the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of fabric, wallpaper, and furniture. She spent time as the interior design assistant for Kelly Hoppen Interiors and appeared on the UK television series, 60 Minute Makeover.

Tennille established TJI in 2012 and now bases her team in Melbourne. TJI projects have included the design and installation of interiors for 5-star holiday destinations at Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island, Magnetic Island, and the Mornington Peninsula. In 2014 she was listed in House & Garden magazine’s Little Black Book as one of the best of the best designers and decorators.

Tennille believes in honouring the beauty of everyday rituals. She has the rare ability to delve into your aesthetic vision, supporting you to make informed decisions on how you wish to experience each space. Whether she is overseeing a full residential redesign, new build, commercial fit-out, or reimagining a single room, Tennille makes each space uniquely you.

Beauty can be found in perfection and
imperfection. The raw and the refined.

We need to stay true to ourselves. When we discover what we value, trends fade into
insignificance. Temptation to embrace new products, trends or ‘fashionable’ theories is
ever-present. Our role is, therefore, to create timeless spaces that capture the moments and
memories that tell your story. Uncovering this story — this truth — is our greatest motivation.

“I enjoy enriching the everyday moments in life and being surrounded by functional,
yet beautiful things that create joy.”

— Tennille Joy

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